Lidl: Thermomix clone Monsieur Cuisine Connect Trend is back – and cheaper!

Smart kitchen appliances make cooking easy. But the helpers are often expensive. This is where Silvercrest’s Monsieur Cuisine Connect Trend (SKMC 1200 F6) from Lidl comes into play. The device is significantly cheaper than the Thermomix from Vorwerk – and now back on sale: You are currently browsing at the discounter 349 euros for the cooking helper. The Monsieur Cuisine Connect Trend (SKMC 1200 F6) is not only worth a look in terms of price, but also has a lot to offer.

Lidl: Monsieur Cuisine Connect Trend SKMC 1200 F6

The device has a 7 inch touch screen and a Wifi connection. It has over 500 recipes – and more free instructions can be found online. Cook, steam, fry, puree, knead, mix or chop like a pro with the help of the machine. You can compile your individual recipe database via the members’ area of ​​the Monsieur Cuisine website. In other words: get ready for soups, sauces, vegetable, meat and fish dishes – or desserts, baked goods and smoothies. The device is currently available in branches and online for EUR 349 ​​– instead of the previous EUR 399!

  • Recipe app with favorites and shopping list function
  • 10-level speed setting
  • You save 12 percent

Monsieur Cuisine Connect trend at Lidl

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