Lifehack in the video: This "halved sponge" is a household miracle!


Cleaning can be fun. The emphasis is on can, For most of us, it's more of a nuisance. Especially when we get into trouble and don't reach darned corners and corners with our cleaning utensils.

This trick is magical

In fact, there is a solution for almost everything and this one is pretty awesome! In order not only to save time, but also to catch every corner, you have to reconstruct your sponge. You can do this in the following steps:


You need:

1. A sponge

2. Two strong magnets

3. A cutter

4. Needle & thread

Do you have everything at hand? Then you cut the sponge in the middle so that two halves of the same size are created. You grab one of the two and cut it in turn on one side. You should now be able to insert a magnet into the opening. You close the opening you just created with a needle and thread.

In the video you can see the instructions illustrated once more and you will see, the result makes cleaning as if by magic! 😉