Lifespan The Callisto Protocol

The Callisto Protocoldeveloped by Striking Distance Studios and published by KRAFTON Inc, has been available since early December 2022 on most gaming platforms. Players wishing to embark on the adventure are wondering how many hours are needed to complete The Callisto Protocol and so what is its lifespan ?

How many hours to complete The Callisto Protocol?

As you probably already know, the number of hours to finish a game depends mainly on your way of playing as well as your objectives. Very often, a player wishing to obtain Platinum/100% of a title will necessarily spend more time on said software than a person simply seeking to finish the main quest.

This applies in the case of The Callisto Protocol. The lifetime of the game from Striking Distance Studios and KRAFTON Inc, varies according to the chosen difficulty mode. Thus, completing the game on Easy or Normal should take you a little over ten hours. In contrast, Platinum/100% The Callisto Protocol asks you to find collectibles, perform specific actions and finish the main plot on the maximum difficulty (“Maximum Security”), which extends its duration by a few hours. lifetime. So, here is a recap of the lifetime of The Callisto Protocol :

  • Complete the game on Easy or Normal → Between 8 to 14 hours of play.
  • Complete the game at 100% (Maximum difficulty) → Between 12 to 16 hours of play.

Moreover, let us recall that at the beginning of October 2022, Glen Schofield, the CEO of Striking Distance Studios, had indicated, in particular during an interview with journalists from Edge magazine, that it would take between 12 to 14 hours of play to complete The Callisto Protocol. An estimate which is therefore quite correct.

As a reminder, The Callisto Protocol can be found on PlayStation (PS4/PS5), Xbox (Xbox One/Xbox Series) and PC (via the Steam platform and the Epic Games Store) consoles.

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