Lifting straps tore – workers injured when loading prefabricated components

When loading prefabricated components onto a truck, two lifting straps tore in a company in Tux on Wednesday afternoon. A worker fell from a component and suffered a serious foot injury.

Shortly before 3 p.m., two locals (39 and 29) were busy loading prefabricated components onto a semitrailer at the company in Tux. The 39-year-old worker stood on the prefabricated parts and controlled the remote control of the crane that was used to lift a component onto the trailer.

Flown to hospital
Two of the four lifting straps used tore and the component fell to the floor and against the trailer. “When the trailer was shaken, the worker was thrown about 2.5 meters onto the overturned component,” the police said. He sustained a serious foot injury and had to be flown to the hospital in Schwaz by emergency helicopter.