Lighter and cheaper – start-up brings new tank technology for hydrogen

In order to help fuel cell technology achieve a breakthrough, some advances in technology will probably also be necessary. Hyzon shows what is still possible with the tanks.

Hydrogen tanks are a key technology for fuel cell vehicles. The US start-up Hyzon Motors claims to have made significant progress in this area. The manufacturer of components for hydrogen-powered fuel cell trucks has applied for a patent for the tank system that has already been installed in a European truck.

Thanks to particularly lightweight composite materials, it should weigh significantly less, require 75 percent fewer production components and also cost only half compared to previous tank solutions.

Hyzon intends to use the modular tank technology, which is primarily intended for installation behind the driver’s cab, in all vehicles in its test fleet this year. The standard version of the tank system consists of five cylinders mounted behind the cab, the number of which can be doubled for greater range. If additional capacities are required, two additional cylinders can alternatively or additionally be attached to the side of the chassis.