Lightning Network: a beer distributor accepts Bitcoin without moderation

A little foam thanks to Bitcoin – The May 22, 2010 marks the anniversary of one of the very first purchases of goods with some bitcoins : in this case, 2 pizzas. Since then, Bitcoin and cryptos have continued to evolve. In particular purchase transactions in BTC, which have clearly perfected thanks to the arrival of Lightning Network (NL). Beer against satoshis, here we go!

Lightning-fast beer with Bitcoin

The society Pubinnobased in San Francisco, offers beer vending machines. During the weekend of February 25-27, 2022, the company hosted an event to celebrate the addition of bitcoin payments to the methods available to pay for consumption.

As Cointelegraph relates in particular, the guests were able to directly use their wallet compatible with the lightning network to buy their beers. Thanks to scan a QR codethe guests easily spent a few satoshis in exchange for the refreshing drink.

“What a great weekend! Hundreds of people have participated in the lightning-fast perfect beer experience by paying with Bitcoin through the Lightning Network. (…)”

Pubinno Twitter account

The CEO of Pubinno, Can Algulexplains that the advantage of transactions “high volume, high speed and low fees” of the LN network is ideal for bar owners. These can be paid in seconds, avoiding bank charges.

Be careful though, if these beer vending machines are limitless, the human body has some, to consume of course with moderation ! If Pubinno has chosen the Lightning Network with enthusiasm and conviction, let us remember that by gently showing them the way – as at salvador – big companies like McDonald’s and Starbucks can perfectly accept BTC.

The adoption of cryptocurrencies is making great strides! If you also want to pay for your beers and pizzas in bitcoins, first fill your wallet. Sign up today on the FTX benchmark exchange and benefit from a lifetime discount on your trading fees (affiliate link, see conditions on official website).

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