Liiv SANDBOX part ways with coaching staff in LCK, Ryu back in top flight

To start the new coming season, Liiv SANDBOX announces the departure of all his coaching staff. The new head coach is the second assistant of the LCK CL team, and ex-midlaner of 100T, Ryu.

Not qualified for League of Legends Worlds 2022, Liiv SANDBOX, who finished in 3rd place in the Summer Split playoffs and on the podium in the regional finals, made a first strong decision as the opening of the transfer window for the next season approaches. Thus, on its social networks, the management announced the end of the contract of all of its current coaching staff, i.e. Micro (head coach), Joker (coach), PawN (coach) and Travel (coach).

Instead, a first arrival is announced: the current coach of the Challenger team, LSB Challengers; takes the place of head coach of the first team. The 28-year-old Korean, Ryu “Ryu” Sang-wook, began his managerial career last July with sister team SANDBOX. Above all, he had a long career on the midlane in several leagues, first at KT Rolster in LCK, then at Millenium or H2k in Europe, and finally at 100 Thieves in LCS.

Second Assistant at LSB Challengers in LCK CK Summer Split 2022, he finished in 7th place, failing to qualify for the playoffs. The team may announce further changes soon, as the contracts of Croco and Prince are due. Find our follow-up of the transfer window on this link.

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