Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth, its producer tries to justify the Western title of this Ryu Ga Gotoku 8

Last September, SEGA And Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio announced in particular Like a Dragon 8a direct sequel to the seventh main episode called Yakuza: Like a Dragon by us. Since then, it has been decided to completely drop the western name of the license, Yakuzaand we were therefore entitled at the beginning of the year to Like a Dragon: Ishin! set in the past in the 19th century. Next November, we will be entitled to Like a Dragon Gaiden: The Man Who Erased His NameA spin off with Kazuma Kiryu before he comes back alongsideIchiban Kasuga in the eighth part. Yes, there is clearly something to get lost in and the recent trailer for Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth was confusing, starting with us. Indeed, it was not obvious at first glance that it was indeed the latter and not another new game, apart from the symbol of infinity already present in the first trailer of Ryu Ga Gotoku 8Japanese name of the game, and therefore in its Western title, but still had to be remembered. Anyway, this title has obviously been talked about enough for the game producer and studio director to speak up to try to justify it.

Masayoshi Yokoyama therefore said the following, relayed on Twitter :

Regarding the title for Ryu Ga Gotoku 8…

We are thrilled to announce that the official title for the next Western release of Like a Dragon will be Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth.

Meanwhile, in Japan, the official title will be Ryu Ga Gotoku 8.

The reason for the change is because we have determined that the messages and themes of this new entry may be perceived differently by fans in Japan and Asia than those in the West who started the license with Yakuza: Like a Dragon.

Also, we feel like one subtitle just isn’t enough for Ryu Ga Gotoku 8 in Japan. With which character and which point of view of this complex and intertwined plot do you think you will most identify with? Depending on the previous titles you’ve played, your answer might change! Once you’ve completed the game, we hope you’ll eventually be tempted to give it a subtitle of your own.

The western version, on the other hand, is subtitled for fans who started their Like a Dragon experience with the story of Ichiban Kasuga (Yakuza: Like a Dragon). The concept of infinity (∞) is deeply connected to the themes of this new episode. We had this subtitle in mind since last year’s teaser trailer, in which the two main characters, Ichiban Kasuga and Kazuma Kiryu, were surrounded by the “∞” symbol.

What does infinite fortune mean? Does such a thing exist? We all look forward to the day when you will be able to experience this for yourself.

Masayoshi Yokohama, Director of Ryu Ga Gotoko Studio and Executive Producer

Here we are well advanced with this long explanation which confuses almost more than anything else. It would have been easier to explain that numbering was no longer possible in the West since it stopped at “6”. And concerning the subtitle, we can’t wait to find out how it will relate to the scenario.

THE RGG Summit Summer 2023 will air this Friday morningthen we shouldn’t have to wait very long before having news of the game. You can find the recent games of the license on Amazon.

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