Like Amazon’s Echo Show or Google’s Nest Hub, Apple would also like its screen connected

Mathilde Rochefort

August 10, 2022 at 1:10 p.m.


Connected screens © © Yasin Hasan / Unsplash

© Yasin Hasan/Unsplash

Apple would be preparing the release of many products in the coming years. Among them, two potential connected screens with distinct functionalities, which represents a novelty for the Apple brand.

Renowned Apple analyst and specialist Mark Gurman announced these new products in a question and answer section following the publication of his weekly newsletter. power-on.

Two connected screens for Apple?

It seems that Apple wants to compete directly with the Google Nest Hub and the Echo Show 15 from Amazon. The Cupertino company plans to market a connected screen designed for the kitchen, which would combine an iPad and a speaker. She is also looking into designing another smart display, but for the living room this time. This would combine the functionality of an Apple TV, a camera and a HomePod.

These statements are in line with comments made by Gurman in April 2022, when he notably announced that Apple was working on the creation of a new all-in-one HomePod, equipped with Apple TV and a camera. FaceTime. The analysis nevertheless tempers its remarks: Apple could release one of these two products at the end of next year or at the beginning of 2024, but it is not certain that they will all see the light of day.

Two new HomePods are also in the works

The apple brand also plans to market a new range of connected speakers. As a reminder, Apple ended production of its high-end HomePod in March 2021 to make way for the HomePod Mini, which is much more popular than its predecessor, thanks in particular to a more affordable price.

Thus, two new HomePods would be in preparation, a mini model and a classic model. Gurman assures that the second has a better chance of seeing the light of day and could even be released as early as next year. Codenamed ‘B620’, it should be powered by the S8 chip, which could also be seen in the upcoming Apple Watch Series 8. If the design and audio performance should be similar to the HomePod, there should be have improvements in the display section with in particular an expected multi-touch functionality.

Mark Gurman also confirmed the predictions of another analyst, Ming Chi-Kuo, regarding Apple’s highly anticipated mixed reality headset: he assures that it will be presented in early 2023.

Sources: Engadget, Bloomberg

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