Like Renault and Volkswagen, Stellantis will offer its own fast charging stations

Like many manufacturers, the Stellantis group (Peugeot, Citroën, DS Automobiles, Opel, Fiat, Jeep, etc.) offers buyers of electric cars from its brands a formula allowing access to the terminals of the main networks European charging stations, via its Free2Move Charge brand. An offer which will soon be enriched with terminals specific to the group.

Thus, Stellantis announces the opening of 400 charging stations in Europe by the end of 2024. To deploy this infrastructure at such a breakneck pace, the group plans to install its terminals directly in some of its numerous dealerships. This strategy is reminiscent of that of the Volkswagen group’s Electrify France network, or that of the Renault group’s Mobilize Fast Charge operator.

Still many gray areas

Unfortunately, Stellantis’ plans are much less detailed than those of its competitors. We simply know that there will be up to 1,600 charging points, or no more than four sockets per station on average, but the group does not indicate how the locations intended to install its terminals will be chosen.

We also do not know the exact power they will deliver. Stellantis is content to announce that these will be fast charging terminals, therefore with a power greater than 50 kW. The terminals installed by the main charging networks today reach at least 300 kW (Ionity, Fastned, Electra, etc.).

In terms of pricing, we already know that buyers of electric vehicles from the group’s different brands will have access to a preferential rate, without further details. To be continued.

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