Like Tesla and Porsche, Mercedes plans to open its own charging stations

Although a member of the Ionity consortium, which installs its fast charging stations in many countries, Mercedes will soon open its own charging stations for electric cars.

A new network open to all

Although the German manufacturer is at the origin of these future stations, the network should be open to all owners of electric cars, and not only to owners of brand vehicles. The first stations are expected to open in the fall in Atlanta in the United States, Chengdu in China and Mannheim in Germany. France is not forgotten, but the establishment of terminals will come later.

By the end of 2024, the automaker plans to open 2,000 charging points and up to 10,000 terminals by the end of the decade. Devoid of VIP space like those of Porsche, these new stations should however integrate all the conveniences of use (toilets, vending machines etc.) as well as an awning for shelter.

The terminals should have a power of 400 kW, to accommodate future developments in charging, while the brand’s customers will be able to reserve their terminal in advance and benefit from the Plug-n-Charge solution.

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