Linda Hardy: her revelations about her love affair with Johnny Hallyday: Current Woman The MAG

Now an actress, Linda Hardy is one of headliners of the daily soap opera TF1 Tomorrow belongs to us. A career that the former beauty queen began after her coronation of miss France in 1992. Officially crowned as the most beautiful woman in the country that year, Linda Hardy turned a lot of heads, and in particular that of a certain Johnny Hallyday. Asked by TV Magazine on this subject, the actress mentioned her love affair with the singer who has been missing for more than 3 years now.

Linda Hardy notably explained why she had agreed to play the role of an unconditional fan of Johnny Hallyday in an episode of the series Camping Paradise sure TF1. "The role was beautiful, that's all that mattered. Maybe it was for me too a way to pay tribute to this man with whom I had a nice story. And then to the artist, who is sorely missed " she confessed. "I wondered if it was a coincidence" also added Linda Hardy, who speaks very little about her romance with the singer in the media.

Linda Hardy: "Me, I am one story among many others"

In fact, the actress does not feel legitimate to talk about Johnny Hallyday, given that their love story was not one of the epic romances experienced by the rocker. "Johnny, he had women, a number of women, who were important in his life. He had Laeticia, which was nevertheless one of his best stories, Nathalie Baye and Sylvie Vartan… Me, I am one story among many others and I do not give myself the right to talk about it as if this story was as important as the others. To the women who have been the real important women in his life, I find that indelicate. I can just talk about him, the man " Linda Hardy said in the documentary titled The real life of your Misses, which was broadcast in December 2020 on C8. "He was a fantastic person, very generous, with a lot of delicacy and humility. He had all the qualities that a grown-up has " had also added the former Miss France, who was recently illustrated in the show Naked stars sure TF1.

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