Linda wants chicken: which famous singer awarded the Victoires de la Musique contributed to the soundtrack of this animated gem?

In theaters since October 18, Linda wants chicken! is the ideal film to watch with the family during the All Saints’ Day holidays! Especially since big names participated in the soundtrack of this clever and colorful film.

A colorful fable, an ode to disobedience

Unfairly punished by her mother, Linda (played by the sparkling Mélinée Leclerc) is entitled to an exceptional favor. Neither one nor two, she jumps at the opportunity to ask for chicken with peppers, the signature dish of her Italian dad who died when she was just a baby.

But despite all her good will, her mother Paulette (Clotilde Hesme) is in trouble: a major strike movement is sweeping across France and all the stores are closed. Then begins a frantic race to make the famous chicken with peppers, which will mobilize Linda, her mother and all their neighbors!

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A true free spirit, determined to get what she wants, Linda proves that when you want, you can! This is because this chicken is not just any chicken: Linda attaches very particular importance to it…

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A family fable that should inspire and move viewers of all ages, Linda Wants Chicken! accompanies its superb artistic direction with an exceptional soundtrack, in which big names in contemporary music participated.

A luminous original soundtrack without false notes

Behind the heady musical themes of Linda wants chicken! there is a renowned composer, Clément Ducol. After working for artists such as Alain Souchon, Vincent Delerm and Christophe, Clément Ducol distinguished himself in the cinema by collaborating with Hans Zimmer on The Little Prince or with the Sparks for Annette, by Leos Carax. In France, he is especially famous for his important work on Les Chatouilles, awarded two César Awards in 2019. A track record that would make adults dream!

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In addition to its sublime instrumental score, Linda wants chicken! is also punctuated by singing sequences where the actors shine with the clarity of their performance: Clotilde Hesme (César for Most Promising Actor in 2012) and Laetitia Dosch (César nominee in 2018) reveal talents as melodists.

Finally, the great Juliette Armanet (crowned at the Victoires de la Musique for the revelation album prize of 2018) lends her voice to the film for a piece, A souvenir or two, used as the end credits. A nice surprise which serves as a dessert after the light but tasty main course. Linda wants chicken!

In addition to her colorful artistic direction, the benevolence of her family morality and the talent of her actors, Linda wants chicken! should convince young and old with the quality of its original soundtrack. A gem to see, listen to and enjoy now at the cinema!

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