Lindsey Vonn: Her fiancé P. K. Subban competes with her dogs


Lindsey Vonn is currently in front of the camera with one of her three dogs. The four-legged friends also play a special role in private life.

Lindsey Vonn (36, "Rise: My Story") ended her active sports career last year. In her new job as the presenter of the show "The Pack", the most successful ski racer of all time is now in front of the camera together with her spaniel lady Lucy. In an interview with "Bild am Sonntag", the American reveals what her three dogs mean to her and how her fiancé, ice hockey player P. K. Subban (31), gets along with the four-legged friends.

"My three dogs play a huge role in my life. Our connection is something special," the Olympic champion tells the Sunday newspaper about Bear, Leo and Lucy. The four-legged friends helped her a lot during her injuries, which is why they are inseparable today.

Lindsey Vonn and her four-legged friends are "only available as a package"

Her fiancé had to come to terms with the special relationship Vonn has with the dogs. She told him "from the start" that she and her pets were "only available in a package and not individually". Nevertheless, P. K. Subban is a little jealous now and then. "He says, 'You love your dogs more than me.' But I think they are all exactly on the same level, "says the 36-year-old.

The relationship between the 31-year-old Canadian ice hockey professional, who was previously not a "dog person", and Vonn's spaniel lady is now so good that she too sometimes becomes jealous. Lucy and her fiancé have "a great relationship," admits the former top athlete. "So there is another woman in our relationship."

For "The Pack", Lindsey Vonn and Lucy accompany a total of twelve dog-human teams on their trip around the world. Around the globe, the candidates in the new Amazon Prime show, which is already available, have to pass various adventures.