Line Renaud: this very original service that she asked Thierry Lhermitte

Line Renaud was invited on the set of C to you this Wednesday, November 2. During the interview, the actress revealed that she once asked a very surprising service from her friend, Thierry Lhermitte.

At 94, Line Renaud is still on all fronts. A little over a month ago, the actress starred in the film A great race in which she gives the reply to her great friend, Dany Boon. And this Thursday, November 3, she will publish A life of comedy, a biography written in collaboration with Jéremy Picard. In this book, Line Renaud evokes her career, from her screen debut in 1946 to her last film. A jack-of-all-trades who has distinguished herself brilliantly in all areas of comedy: cinema, theatre, television and series.

And this Wednesday, November 2, the actress was invited on the set of C à vous to promote her book and evoke some memories. Line Renaud thus revealed an anecdote concerning Thierry Lhermitte which she appreciates very much. “I thought Thierry had a very pretty voice. I then asked him if he could not do the messaging on my cell phone. And I kept it for 10 years”, she confided. “So when we called you we fell on the voice of Thierry Lhermitte!”reacted Anne-Élisabeth Lemoine, very amused.

When Line Renaud attacks Edith Piaf

But not all artists were necessarily favored by Line Renaud, even the greatest. In an interview granted to the program En Aparté on March 23, the former leader of the review had thus returned to her conflicting relationship with Edit Piaf. “Edith whom I admire as a singer. Even now when I listen to Edith Piaf sing I get chills, I love the singer, I love the artist“, she confided before painting a much less brilliant portrait of the interpreter of La vie en rose: “But she was a devilish woman. She was very mean. What she wanted was to break up my couple. From the start, take me by the hand and destroy me. Above all, don’t make me a fashionable artist”“.

Is Line Renaud in a relationship?

On the private side, Line Renaud has lived two great love stories in her life. In 1945, when she had just arrived in Paris at the age of 17 to become a singer, she fell under the spell of a composer she had admired for a long time, Loulou Gasté. He is 20 years older than her but both fall madly in love. Loulou and Line never had children. The singer thought about adopting, but it never happened. The couple spun perfect love until the composer’s death from cancer in 1995.

But during this 50-year relationship, Line Renaud also had a romance with another man. In 1964, when she triumphed in Las Vegas and her husband was not by her side, she met Caesar Palace boss Nate Jacobson. Between them it is mad passion. Loulou Gasté finally learns of their relationship, but the two spouses agree to an arrangement. And Line Renaud will have finally maintained a relationship with Nate Jacobson for several years without ever divorcing.

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