Lingerie brands take over the body positive movement

While mentalities are evolving in the right direction thanks to the body positive movement, lingerie brands are changing their discourse with collections adapted to all body types and advertising campaigns placed under the sign of diversity.

It took a while but that's it, the fashion world is slowly but surely starting to open up to diversity. Faced with the pressure of the perfect body, women today seek support from brands that have been dressing them for years. With the advent of the "body positive" – ​​movement which advocates love and self-acceptance – they need to identify with the women who make up our society, the real ones, the ones we meet in the street. And because they demand a better representation of their bodies, in the diversity of morphologies and skin tones, brands have no other choice but to adapt.

Lingerie makes its revolution

No more skinny and retouched mannequins, lingerie brands are changing their minds and giving way to inclusive collections, adapted to all body types. This change in mentality can also be seen through their advertising campaigns. Black, white, mestizo, tall, round, slim … From now on, all women are represented to better embody their clients. And the brands that do not quickly operate their revolution sometimes pay very dear …

This is the case, for example, of the Victoria's Secret brand, known and recognized for its parades including world-famous models such as Adriana Lima or Miranda Kerr. Angels with perfect silhouettes which make us all dream but which are ultimately not real. Result? Falling sales, bad buzz … The younger generations are dropping out. In addition to canceling its annual show, the American brand has changed its communication plan and now includes curvy women in its campaigns. The fall of the reign of size 34, finally.

Inclusiveness and diversity take over

You only have to look at the latest advertising campaigns of lingerie brands to see how much effort has been made. Chantelle launched Soft Stretch, a line of lingerie available in one size and suitable for all women, Etam adopted a destigmatizing discourse and showed models of all sizes and different skin tones, Monki unveiled #NoFilter, a campaign that honors women without retouching … In short, all of them have changed their positioning to attract more customers.

New brands that break the codes

The era of slender models is therefore slowly being over and if some brands have unfortunately missed the boat, others have surfed the trend to find a place in the world of lingerie. We can take the example of Savage x Fenty, a lingerie brand created by Rihanna, which celebrates daring, confidence and inclusion and which today stands out completely. From the start, the American singer has been keen to stage models of different skin colors, but also of different morphologies. Indeed, its collections are designed to meet the needs and desires of all women. The sizes also range from XS to 3XL for stockings, and from cup A to F for bras. An inclusive business model that appeals to and should further inspire brands!

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Video by Clara Poudevigne