Linky: monitoring your consumption, live, it’s now possible

Stephane Ficca

Hardware & gaming specialist

December 16, 2022 at 10:25 a.m.


nrLINK © © My Energy Manager

© My Energy Manager

Good news ! It will soon be possible to track your electricity consumption live from a Linky account.

But for that, you will have to… pay.

Follow your consumption to consume better?

Already present in the majority of French households, the Linky counter continues to be the subject of numerous controversies and disputes from a lot of French people. Still, a start-up has just developed a system that allows you to monitor your consumption in real time, via this same Linky.

It should be remembered in this regard that the Energy Regulation Commission (CRE) recently indicated that “refractory Gauls”, i.e. those who refuse to accept the installation of a Linky meter, will have to pay a lump sum each month to meter reading.

A proposed device… at 139 euros

For everyone else, the Lyon start-up My Energy Manager offers a small device called “nrLINK”, which is connected to the Linky meter. The latter allows, via a small remote screen, to monitor its electricity consumption in real time, to the nearest penny.

According to the CEO of My Energy Saver, simply keeping an eye on your electricity consumption saves money between 10 and 25% on the electricity bill from the moment the sensor is installed “. This is good news in view of the looming energy crisis.

nrLINK © © My Energy Manager

© My Energy Manager

The device works autonomously, without any dedicated mobile application. However, to benefit from it, you will have to agree to pay the sum of 139 euros.

According to Antony Parsons, creator of My Energy Manager, the device developed by the start-up is certified by Enedis and “ the only one able to offer real-time monitoring, an essential element for perfectly adjusting your consumption “. Launch scheduled for January.

Source : Le Figaro

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