Linzers betray – this is how the mood tester puts you in a good mood

TeamEcho helps companies listen to their employees. But how does the mood test specialist from Linz manage to be a role model? That’s what the “Krone” wanted to know from the founders Markus Koblmüller and David Schellander.

What does it take for employees to feel comfortable in a company and enjoy working for it? Markus Koblmüller and David Schellander deal intensively with this question. In 2015 they founded TeamEcho in Linz and developed a software solution that allows the company’s internal mood to be polled regularly and anonymously. Those who are already good want to get even better Which companies listen to their employees and then react to the feedback? “Often those who already attach great importance to the working atmosphere come to us,” says Schellander. “Those who are already very satisfied want to get even better,” adds Koblmüller. TeamEcho is aware of its role model role. At the end of 2021, the 35-hour week with full pay was introduced. Schellander and Koblmüller speak of a “fair and reasonable solution”. Marlene Fleischanderl is the “Head of People & Culture Management” at Linzer and responsible for HR issues. What about working from home? “For us, the following applies: ‘Work where you feel comfortable.’ But it is important to us that there is life in the office,” says the 28-year-old. The so-called “Sternstunden”, in which employees report on their experiences after further training activities, are well received.
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