Lionel Messi severely affected by Covid-19: his coach makes an important decision

The beginnings of Lionel Messi with Paris Saint-Germain are slightly more complicated than expected. Arrived with great fanfare last August in the capital, the Argentinian genius created a sensation by leaving FC Barcelona after having spent his entire career there. Highly anticipated, the 34-year-old sportsman has more difficulty than expected to integrate into the fiery attack he is composing with Kylian Mbappé and his friend Neymar. Often injured, he also had the misfortune to catch covid during his vacation in Argentina at the end of December.

Like many people, Lionel Messi therefore had to remain blocked longer than expected because of the virus, to the great misfortune of his club and his fans, who have long sought the culprit of the infection. Now back in Paris, he took a long time to get back into shape and if we listen to his national team coach, Lionel Scaloni, this can be understood. “I had a conversation with him and he told me that the Covid affected him a lot. He had the hardest strain”tells in a press conference the one who decided not to select it for the next matches and thus allow him to rest.

I decided the best thing was that he didn’t come in bad conditions

Good news for PSG and for the player, who will avoid new very long trips to South America. “It’s important that he recovers physically and I decided it’s best that he doesn’t come in bad conditions. He hasn’t played for a long time and I think the decision was the right one”continues Lionel Scaloni.

Lionel Messi will thus be able to take advantage of his family, his wife Antonela Roccuzzo, as well as his three boys, Thiago (9 years old), Mateo (6 years old) and Ciro (3 years old). Very homebody, the footballer seems to fit in well with his new life in Paris, all he needs to do now is see him shine on the pitch!

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