Liseron Boudoul, journalist in the heart of chaos

Liseron Boudoul, a leading TF1 war reporter, is currently in Afghanistan, in Kabul. Portrait of the first French journalist to visit the site and of an expert in conflict situations.

Since August 15, 2021, Afghanistan is again under the yoke of the Taliban. A dramatic situation, marked by the attacks in Kabul and covered by the international media. War reporter, Liseron Boudoul is the first French journalist to enter the capital of Afghanistan. Accompanied by Romain Reverdy, his cameraman, the TF1 war correspondent is one of the few foreign journalists still present on the spot.

But being a woman in countries at war whose battles are mainly fought by men is not necessarily more difficult for Liseron Boudoul. Indeed, “Sometimes, being a woman even helped me to reverse a context in which there are only men. For example, when the Syrian rebels were going to take Tripoli, I was in a pick-up with some of them. They were all intrigued by this blonde in their car. They immediately accepted us. “, she confides during a interview given from Le Figaro.

After graduating from Sciences Po, Liseron Boudoul turned to the theme of politics. The one who always wanted to become a journalist made her debut at RFI and France Inter. It was within the TF1 group that she began her career as great war reporter, emphasizes Gala.

First recruited in the general information service of TF1, Liseron Boudoul was subsequently sent to Iraq. It was after the start of the Arab Spring in 2011 that she found her vocation as a major reporter, chaining reports in Palestine, Syria and Libya.

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Liseron Boudoul, a life spent alongside death

During her trip to Syria in 2012 to cover the start of the war in the country, the great reporter touched death closely. Indeed, the house in which Liseron Boudoul was resting was hit by a bomb during the night. The journalist is therefore very aware of the danger that she faces every day.

“I am very religious, I pray when I am on the ground, I am not ashamed to say it. Death, when it has to happen, it happens. I have to put myself in a position of humility to better understand others. and get out of my daily life, which could be much more comfortable. I could also do reports that do not put my life in danger but I prefer the opposite… without pretension “, she explained in 2019 to

A determination hailed by the profession. Liseron Boudoul thus won the Grand Reporter Prize at the 2018 Radio and Television Laurels ceremony, in particular thanks to his reports on the battle of Mosul and the fall of Raqqa. The correspondent of the TF1 channel shared her expertise in the field through the book They risk their lives, published in 2019 and co-written with Anne-Claire Coudray, Anne Barrier, Marine Jacquemin and Patricia Allémonière.

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Having covered the news from the fall of Raqqa to the problems of violence in certain French suburbs, Liseron Boudoul today presents the image of a strong, seasoned and committed woman, able to travel to dangerous terrain in order to ” inform the general public on national and international issues.

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