Listening to websites as a podcast: an underestimated feature in the Google Assistant

One of the most important tasks of the Google Assistant on the phone is the automation of everyday things. And reading is a habit I do every day, but don’t have much time for. That’s why I want to tell you about a little life hack during the latest coffee break on NextPit: Because you can use the Assistant to read websites to you like a podcast. That’s how it’s done!

The feature is not really new, because the read-aloud function has been available since 2020. And many websites already natively offer the feature to read messages. But in the home office, the Google Assistant feature has often saved the day. In addition, Google offers a few convenience features that are really cool. Your smartphone becomes the ultimate podcast player!

This is how you let the Google Assistant read websites to you

The feature works on both Android and Apple iOS. All you need is a voice command for the assistant to read the news from your favorite web channel. And the most interesting thing is that Google Assistant not only reads for you, but can translate the information on the screen in real time.

The only requirement is a smartphone with Google app support (version 10.96 or higher) and the use of Assistant in your desired language:

  1. Control a website with your mobile phone or tablet – use Google Chrome, the Google app or the Google News app.
  2. Now activate the Google Assistant by saying “Hey Google” and then saying “Read aloud”
  3. The application then reads the complete page content to you

Listen to NextPit messages with just one voice command. / © NextPit

It’s important to know that the Assistant only reads pages that don’t require a subscription. All content at NextPit for example! What is also exciting about the feature is that Google even plays you a small musical intro and the voice sounds much more natural than the standard voice of the language assistant. In addition, you can pause the reading and even change the speed.

Exclusively for NextPit readers: Use Readly for free for one month!

The control to speed up reading time is also available directly in the reader’s interface via Google Assistant. Speaking of privacy, it’s important to mention that you can turn off activity history for Google services like Assistant right in your Google Account settings.

Have you ever tried the feature? And what role do podcasts play in your everyday life? Let us know in the comments!

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