Live in the Arena – Bright Eyes: Strongly prepared for the comeback

Look into the abyss
Colorful instrumental bouquets ring out around him. Violins, guitars, trumpets, a mandolin, the keyboards or the pedal steel guitar mix the colorful sound world of the Bright Eyes into a mixture of indie rock, alternative, folk, psychedelic sounds and an earthy Americana list. Oberst seems to carry the pain of the whole world within himself and does not want to share it with bystanders. His babbling sentences are only funny and ironic at first glance, behind the facade the abysses of a veritable depression and mental imbalance are opening up, which hopefully won’t eventually lead to an explosion. The messages of thanks and clapping for the fans come straight from the heart, but no matter how hard Oberst tries to carry his custom-made legend, he vanishes behind a fog of his own inadequacy. A strange idea with multiple levels of interpretation. As a consolation: much more sober people have already committed much worse performances.

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