LIVE – November 13 trial: “I will not answer any questions”, says the accused Osama Krayem


On January 6, Me Durand-Poincloux had read a letter from his client Osama Krayem in which he explained why he had refused, for some time, to come to the box, then to speak.

Here is what that letter said:

“At first, I wanted to express myself before this Court and I tried to do so when my personality came up.

Then I saw how the proceedings were going, and I lost hope. I don’t think anyone is here to try to figure out what happened and get answers. I feel that we are all pretending and that this trial is an illusion.

I no longer think, today, that the fact that I appear and that I explain myself on what I am accused of changes anything in the decision of the Court.

This is my observation after three months of trial.

That’s why I made the decision not to speak out anymore.”

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