Living trends: Guido reveals the 5 interior secrets of tomorrow

Guido Maria Kretschmer
5 living trends that, according to Guido, are now on the rise

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Guido Maria Kretschmer has a flair for style – and can tell us now which living trends are on the rise …

Do you feel the same? As soon as you spend more time in your own four walls, your fingers start to itch: Couldn’t the wall use a new color? And does the sofa in the other corner create an even nicer feeling of space? You might think that we have really spent enough time at home and cleared around in the past two years. It’s just that we get tired of it faster.

If you have the feeling that a fresh wind is needed, you can be happy: Guido Maria Kretschmer provides us with a few new ideas for the indoor season, how we can make it really nice at home – and at the same time fully in the Trend.

5 living trends that make you want something new

Dare to wallpaper

“I would say that if you are very brave, then you could bring a very nice atmosphere into your home with large installation wallpapers”, Guido Maria Kretschmer tells us in an interview. He himself has just designed a new wallpaper collection with great French moments. You could almost think “Van Gogh is about to come and look at this Provencal landscape.” In fact, with large pictures you not only invite artists inside, but also create space to be amazed – it doesn’t get boring.

Gray, gray, gray are all my colors

“And whatever comes in any case, you can say what you want are these shades of gray,” adds Guido Maria Kretschmer with regard to the wall colors. Here it would move away from the classic white and instead become darker, coarser – especially in the trend: ash gray. “But what am I telling you, there will still be people who order bright, bright, bright. But that really only works well when living alone – families then quickly say goodbye to it (laughs).”

It doesn’t get any softer

So that there is no lack of comfort, Guido Maria Kretschmer recommends cozy materials, “simple velvet stories, short-cut teddy materials, that soft something.” In combination with installation wallpapers, they should be a bit quieter. The main thing is to touch it well, after all, fabrics in the living room should not only be beautiful to look at, but above all invite you to feel good.

Journey to the Orient

Speaking of textiles: “Which is also currently a trend for me: Different carpet moments”, reveals the designer. The layer look known from fashion should definitely move into the home, so “that there is not just this one carpet, but real living landscapes, calmly placed on top of each other”. Deep red tones, as we know them classically from the past, would look particularly beautiful: “Even Persian carpets can be beautiful in combination again, if you have different ones and place them on top of each other, that’s a really cool style,” enthuses Guido Maria Kretschmer. But be careful: don’t trip over the corners of the carpet, please.

Swinging Sixties

Incidentally, when it comes to furnishing, we are currently experiencing that trends always meet us at least twice: “A little bit of the sixties style is also coming back with a combination of wood,” says Guido Maria Kretschmer. Particularly large lamps with glass domes would be suitable for this. Does it sound familiar to you? All the better, because the designer has given us a sustainability tip right away, because the lamps can be “bought super retro in a second-hand shop”.


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