Livret A, LEP… How much interest will you earn in 2022 with the new rates?

Bercy has chosen the boost option! While the calculation formula led to an increase in the Livret A rate to 0.8% on February 1, Bruno Le Maire announced a change to 1%. And 2.2% for LEP. While you have just received meager annual interest in 2021 on your savings books, how much can you expect for 2022?

Surprise! And even a good surprise for the more than 55 million Livret A holders: the rate will double on February 1, 2022, as announced by the Minister of Economy and Finance Bruno Le Maire on Friday during 1 p.m. on TF1. The government is going beyond what was expected, since the calculation formula – based on the one hand on inflation and on the other on a financial market rate, the ster – allowed Bercy to limit itself to an increase 0.80%. Bruno Le Maire has chosen to generously round off 1%.

Livret A: around thirty euros in interest in 2021

You have just seen your interests in 2021… and they surely seem very weak. Indeed, with 6,167 euros on average out of the 55.7 million Livret A savings accounts in 2021, this investment paid 0.5% last year and brought you… a little less than 31 euros. Admittedly, this average remains very theoretical since, according to the Banque de France, on more than one in three passbooks, the accumulated savings are only 150 euros… and 7% have exceeded the payment ceiling of 22,950 euros. earn interest each year.

Livret A reboost: how many interests in 2022?

And in 2022? Be careful, you will not earn 1% over the whole year. dj car the month of January 2022 remains rmunr 0.5%. And we must not forget that Bercy will be able to revise the rate again on August 1st, even if the boost in February should make it possible to maintain this new rate until the end of the year.

Here is the interest in 2022 that you will receive in a year, if the remuneration remains at 1% until the end of the year, for five more or less full savings books.

With 1000 euros on a Livret A in 2022. Fastoche: 10 euros! No, lost. The two fortnights of January are remunerated at 0.5%, and the rest of the year at 1%: with 1000euros, over one year, you will earn 9.59 euros annual interest for the year 2022.

With 5000 euros. With the same calculation technique and therefore taking into account the month of January 0.5%, then the doubling of the rate, this Livret A with 5000 euros will bring in 47.91 euros in 2022.

With 10000 euros. Logically, the more savings increase, the more potential interest increases: 95.84 euros annual interest payments for 2022 can be anticipated on a Livret A account that is also topped up.

With 15000 euros. Still counting the current rate of 0.5% for January then eleven months rmunrs 1%, this Livret A will yield 143.75 euros in 2022, provided of course that these 15,000 euros are kept constant (without back and forth on a current account for example) over the entire year.

With 22950 euros. Here is the special case of a Livret A which has reached the payment ceiling: it can continue to accumulate interest but you can no longer pay on it. In 2022, this Livret A will yield 219.94 euros if the rate remains at 1% until the end of the year.

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Double interest… but that does not protect you from rising prices

Despite the rise in its rate, the real return, after taking inflation into account, remains negative by more than one point, nuance Philippe Crevel, chief economist of Cercle de l’Epargne. Translation of real return: what you have left after inflation, in other words -1.8% for the Livret Due to inflation of 2.8% in December 2021.

The Livret A account certainly allows you to earn money, thanks to the annual interest, but it does not allow you to gain purchasing power, because at the same time consumer prices increase faster than the rate of the Livret A account. situation is unprecedented since the beginning of the 2000s, adds Philippe Crevel. You have to go back to the 1980s to have such low real returns.

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LEP 2.2%: how much interest in 2022?

The People’s Savings Account (LEP) is supposed to protect you from rising prices. For this booklet intended for low-income households, and capped at 7,700 euros in payments, the calculation formula now makes it possible to follow inflation. Finally… the average inflation over the last 6 months, which explains why it climbed 2.2% and not 2.8%.

Nevertheless: with a rate of 2.2% net of tax, the LEP now defies all competition among secure investments on which you can draw at any time. Here is what it will bring you in 2022. A scenario that remains theoretical because the calculation formula should force Bercy to raise the rate again on August 1st.

With 5000euros on a LEP in 2022. A LEP endowed with 5000 euros will allow you to receive 105 euros in annual interest in one year, taking into account the month of January 2022 which only pays him 1%. This is more than by depositing 10,000 euros on a Livret A (see above). Jackpot.

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