Loana announced dead by mistake: the rant of her best friend: Current Woman The MAG

"DO NOT PUBLISH Death of Loana, First Loft Story Winner and Reality TV Pioneer". The article of BFMTV published on Friday, February 26, 2021 on the channel's website was a shock to all those nostalgic for Loft Story. And for good reason, the continuous news channel mistakenly published an obituary of the former lofteuse, aged 43, who for several years has been experiencing a real descent into hell. Very quickly, on social networks, the news was commented on and relayed by many Internet users, who wondered if it was a mistake or if the former reality TV star had indeed died. It must be said that her last TV appearances had worried the public and that, on Monday February 22, 2021, it was announced that she had been hospitalized again after an overdose. Fortunately, this was indeed a mistake! Loana is alive and well. But this erroneous announcement annoyed Sylvie Ortega, who presents herself as her agent and her best friend.

Loana's days "in no way in danger"

On his Instagram account, the widow of Ludovic Chancel, the son of Sheila, thus pushed a violent rant. "I find it deplorable, shameful that a journalist can get the wrong information", she wrote in the caption of a photo which took the title of the article of our colleagues. "As Loana's agent, I wanted to reassure you that Loana is alive and well (sic)", continued the young woman, who wanted to be reassuring about the state of health of the former lofteuse. "She is in a clinic where she is receiving treatment for her health. Her life is in no way in danger. We wish Loana a good recovery". The reality TV star isn't the only personality to have been mistakenly announced dead. In 2019, the website of World had published the obituary of Bernard Tapie, who has been fighting cancer for several years. In 2020, it is The team which, in turn, wrongly announced the disappearance of the former OM leader.

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