Loana hospitalized: she restores the truth and charges her friend Sylvie Ortega Munos: Current Woman The MAG

Loana is not done with her old demons. On February 22, 2021, the former loft was hospitalized following an overdose. A news that sowed concern among his early fans, who don't take a very positive view of his friendship with Sylvie Ortega. The one who is none other than her agent has yet assured on the set of Cyril Hanouna that she has always been alongside the starlet in the worst moments of her life. Faced with the many rumors about the bad influence that Ludovic Chancel's widow would have on her, Loana would have emerged from the silence on Saturday, February 27, 2021.

In a statement written from his clinic and sent to several media by his friend Eryl Prayer as reported Here is, Mindy's mom would have started by declaring: "I am in a psychiatric clinic locked in a white room without TV since Monday watching the ceiling because of the massive dose of drugs Sylvie gave me to kill me… They took me out of a coma after a few hours… They put me here thinking that I had wanted to make a suicide attempt… ”. Thus, Loana contradicts the chronicler of TPMP Guillaume Genton who assured that she had overdosed on GHB. "They finally understood that I had just asked for a basic sedative and that they had wanted to make me much worse … And not the other way around … A nightmare … ", can we read in the press release.

Loana victim of a "drug poisoning "

In this one, the former lofteuse ensures that there is no "no story" of "drug" or "alcohol" with supporting analytics. "Drug poisoning !!! That's all. I am not depressed or at the end of the line, on the contrary. (…). So between the fact of having almost died, being locked up for five days in a psychiatric clinic and being taken for a madwoman, that's a lot, believe me… ", she concluded. A version of events confirmed by Loana's best friend, Eryl Prayer. In the columns of Star Mag, he said of the 40-year-old's analyzes: "She is fully lucid. The doctors told him, 'The dose you were given was not a dose to help you, it was a dose to kill you ’".

Before adding: "Why is Sylvie Ortega lying? Why does Sylvie Ortega not assume her responsibilities? All she has to do is say yes, I screwed things up, gave Loana too much medicine. I am sorry for that". A soap opera that has only just begun, following the next episode …

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