Loana in "serious condition"? Her friend Sylvie Ortega explains why she gave her Xanax: Current Woman The MAG


Loana experiences a real descent into hell. The former candidate of Loft Story, who had managed to come back up in recent years, is once again facing a hard blow. According to information from chronicler Guillaume Genton, who spoke in Do not touch My TV Monday February 22, 2021, the former reality TV star would indeed be in a "bad state" . The journalist, who is making a documentary about her entitled Loana, an up and down loft (aired Tuesday, March 9 at 9:05 p.m. on RMC Story), claimed she had this time took GHB, sometimes referred to as "the rapist's drug". "She was taken to the emergency room at 9 am in very serious condition, but she can still speak. She will be transferred to a psychiatric hospital.", he revealed.

Her friend Sylvie Ortega Munos has been singled out since these revelations. The widow of Ludovic Chancel, the late son of Sheila, was present on the set of Do not touch My TV Tuesday 23 February 2021 to respond to the allegations of other relatives of Loana, who accuse her of being a bad influence for her. Cyril Hanouna had indeed invited singer Alban Bartoli, who crossed paths with Loana, as well as one of his best friends, Eryl Prayer, to confront Sylvie Ortega Munoz. The latter took advantage of his time on the show to reveal a damning text message allegedly sent to him by Loana: "Sorry again for yesterday, Sylvie gave me a little too much medicine, because I was stressed and suddenly I couldn't stand it ".

"I gave him a Xanax"

Sheila's ex-daughter-in-law denied having had anything to do with her friend's hospitalization: "I gave her a Xanax the day before, to calm her down", she explained before adding: "Because I brought her. And in her blood, it's GHB.". Sylvie Ortega also wanted to know that taking Xanax was regulated: it was, according to her, a protocol on which she had agreed beforehand with the firefighters. "She can order it on the Internet and anywhere. I won't wear the hat, you will not make me wear the hat, This is out of the question", she then blurted out, furious.

For Gilles Verdez, it's quite simple: Sylvie Ortega would keep Loana under the influence since she came into her life. An opinion shared by the singer and host Alban Bartoli, who says that the widow of Ludovic Chancel would actually look to attract media attention : "I have vocal notes that prove that she tried to pull the blanket towards her. She told me five seconds of Loana … and out of five minutes of vocal notes, she only talks to me about the fact that she wants to talk about Ludovic Chancel (…), but that Ludovic Chancel no longer interested anyone ". As a reminder, Sheila's son died at age 42 of an overdose of cocaine and benzodiazepine on July 7, 2017.

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