Loana: Radiant at Cannes, a remarkable new appearance!

It must be said that a Cannes festival without Loana… wouldn’t really be one! Since his victory in loft story in 2001, she did not miss many, making the big hours of the many evenings held on the sidelines of the Festival. But for several years, the young woman has fought a lot with her own demons: alcohol, drugs… she has tested everything.

However, for 18 months, she seems to be getting better, climbing the slope and leaving everything behind her: her last escapades occurred in October 2020 and then February 2021. At the time, Mindy’s mother had been found in the street after a crisis of dementia and had been hospitalized in psychiatry. A few months later, she was drugged with GHB and hospitalized in very serious condition. Threatened to be placed under curatorship, she had announced that she wanted to file a complaint against her former companion, Frederic, and against her mother, Violette, for abuse of weakness and fraud. She also accused them of violence.

A case in which she has always been supported by Eryl Prayer: in February 2021, when she had accused Sylvie Ortega of having drugged her, the singer had not hesitated to go and defend her on the set of TPMP. The insults had also rocketed between them, the singer having treated the second of “bitch“.

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