Loana topless on Instagram: she reveals a daring cover of her beginnings: Femme Actuelle Le MAG

For years, Loana has multiplied professional projects in fashion but also in song. Much sought after in the 2000s, the winner of Loft Story has accumulated magazine covers. After a resounding success, she experienced a long crossing of the desert marked by depression and financial difficulties. A few years ago, she took control of her life and began a physical metamorphosis. Now, she shares her daily life with her fans on social networks but also memories of her glory years. She unveiled, on Saturday June 27, an old cover of the sulphurous FHM magazine for which she had posed topless. Photos taken the day after his victory at Secret Story in 2001.

In these pictures, she displays a dream body and long curly blonde hair. "FHM coverage with the talented and above all very honest and integrates Mr. Laurent Darmon", wrote Loana in legend, evoking his collaboration with the photographer. In this message to her fans, she also promises that she will be more present and more active. "I do not forget you, never, you are in the hollow of me. I love you and I try with all my strength with my projects, my behaviors, my future that you are proud of the young woman for whom you all vote and raise it as high (as it got lost in the stars, it's so magic for an average girl) Thank you again ", she wrote to her subscribers. And to continue. "And then too bad if there is no project in progress, I will share with you the life of a not so ordinary blonde".

A difficult start to the year for Loana

In recent months, Loana has been more discreet on the canvas. The one who used to share everything with her fans, reveals information drop by drop on Instagram. It must be said that the 42-year-old former candidate knew a rather chaotic start to the year. According to information from our colleagues from Closer, sex-companion Frederic Chauvin allegedly broke into her home to assault her last February. Today, Loana wants to turn the page!

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