Lobau camp set on fire – Climate activist: “Houses are on fire, dreams are not”

After a wooden hut in the activist camp of the Lobau demonstrators in Vienna-Donaustadt was destroyed by flames on Friday night, the climate protectors are combative. Lena Schilling from the Fridays for Future movement wrote on Twitter that this was “one of the hardest days of her life”. In addition, she posted a photo on which a poster with the inscription “Houses are burning, dreams not” can be seen in front of the fire ruins. The police meanwhile assume arson, and the Office for the Protection of the Constitution is also investigating.

“We have a world to win and people who stand together today. Thank you all! ”Wrote Schilling, who also acts as a spokeswoman for the #LobauBleibt movement, on Twitter. Other activists also wrote that they would continue with their protest: “Buildings can be set on fire, but our resistance can never be burned.” The police are investigating the causes of the fire, emphasized Mayor Michael Ludwig (SPÖ) on ORF. “So it is now a matter for the authorities and is definitely a sign that a lawless area in a city is not an advantage,” said Ludwig. It is assumed that there will be a fire, the executive said on Friday. Those eight activists who were in the hut at the time of the fire had tried to fight the flames with a fire extinguisher, but to no avail. “Whoever is responsible for this must have known that there were people in the weather protection,” says Schilling. “We are shocked, but we will not be dissuaded from our goal.” Greens speak of “attempted murder” Georg Bürstmayr, security spokesman for the Greens in parliament, was stunned on Friday afternoon: “There were people in acute danger! Based on all that we now have in terms of information, we have to speak of attempted murder. ”He called for a“ quick and thorough ”investigation into the incident. The climate protection spokesman for the Greens, Lukas Hammer, described the incident as “shocking”: “If the alleged arson attack turns out to be true, it would be an unprecedented attack on the lives of young climate activists.”
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