Local injured – motorcycle accident in Kaprun: search for participants

An accident in Kaprun resulted in injuries to a 21-year-old motorcyclist. The incident happened on August 21 on Kesselfallstrasse in the direction of Kaprun. The police found another person involved in the accident.

The local was on his motorbike from Kesselfall to Kaprun. According to the victim, an oncoming vehicle suddenly turned left at the Panoramabahn valley station into Lechnergergweg. The motorcyclist reacted quickly, avoided a collision by braking hard, but lost control of his vehicle and fell. A Gletscherbahnen employee heard the fall and called the emergency services. Rescue workers, including an ambulance, rushed to the scene of the accident and treated the injured. Because of the severity of his injuries, the motorcyclist was taken to the Cardinal Schwarzenberg Clinic with the “Alpin Heli 6” rescue helicopter. Investigations revealed that the 21-year-old driver did not have a valid driver’s license for the motorcycle. In addition to the injuries, he faces legal consequences for driving without a license. The police launched a manhunt for the unidentified driver who caused the accident. Efforts have so far been unsuccessful.
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