LockBit ransomed an insurance company and resells the data of 9 million patients

The servers of an American health insurance company based in Atlanta were breached three months ago. LockBit reportedly claimed responsibility for this ransomware attack.

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On its website, Managed Care of North America prides itself on being ” the largest dental insurer in the country for public schemes covering children and the elderly”. In a press release issued today, its executives admitted that their servers suffered an attack almost three months ago. It’s a bit late, data from 9 million customers of this American health giant are already on sale on the Dark Web.

MCNA says, “We learned that a criminal was able to view and take copies of certain information in our computer system between February 26, 2023 and March 7, 2023 “. THE confidential data stolen during this intrusion include all personal information (name, address, date of birth, telephone number, e-mail, social security number, etc.), but also information on health insurance and details of victim medical records.

LockBit carried out the biggest ransomware attack of 2023

Millions of people therefore run the risk of being exposed to phishing attempts, or even worse, identity theft. In this context, MCNA Dental advises its customers to remain very vigilant and monitor their bank accounts. They add: “do not answer calls, messages or emails that seem suspicious to you”. The attack was allegedly claimed by LockBit, the famous hacker group. They would have claimed no less than $10 million to restore the stolen data.

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MCNA Dental refused to give in to the blackmail of Russian hackers. As a result, the latter put up for sale nearly 700 GB of data stolen from a Dark Web “supermarket”. Lockbit is a group of cybercriminals made famous by the virulence of its ransomware, but especially by the massive attacks carried out against big names in technology such as Thales or Foxconn, one of the main suppliers of Apple.

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