Lockblocking: this problem that you surely encounter if you are single: Current Woman The MAG

No doubt, the health crisis that we have been experiencing for several months now has turned our daily lives upside down. The measures and restrictions put in place and adapted gradually by the government to fight against the virus, have had an impact on the personal and sentimental life of everyone.

Health crisis: consequences on romantic encounters

If some couples have had to learn to live 24 hours a day together, and face arguments, even a breakup, for single people, things are also getting complicated, especially for those who are registered on dating apps.

Different terms have also emerged recently, such as corona cuffing, which consists of finding a partner to share a possible confinement, or even zumping, a new rupture technique used during confinement.

Lockblocking: a problem faced by many singles in recent months

Among singles, the latest sad trend is "Lockblocking". This term, coined by the American dating site OkCupid, refers to the act of "having to cancel or reschedule an appointment, due to the measures taken in the face of Covid-19".

Indeed, since the first confinement last March, the government has relaxed and then again tightened the barrier measures, depending on the advance of the virus on the territory, thus leaving single people a little lost when it comes to planning. a date with a stranger …

During new announcements of travel restrictions or a new confinement, the cancellations of romantic dates are therefore numerous, and people looking for a partner find themselves forced to wait and reschedule (or not) this romantic encounter. !

The only solution if you have been a victim of lockblocking: arm yourself with patience, or maintain a virtual relationship while waiting for better days …

The OkCupid dating app also reveals that 36% of people surveyed recently canceled a date because of the restrictions announced to fight against Covid-19, and that 20% still chose to meet virtually via screens.

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