Logan Paul loses $3.5 million in fake Pokémon cards

Logan Paul has revealed that his $3,500,000 box of first edition Pokémon cards is fake. And this a few days after several major collectors have questioned its authenticity.

In September 2020, Logan Paul showed off his massive collection of Pokémon cards to his fans on Instagram.

Arousing the interest of millions of them. His post introduced his audience to the idea that the TCG is both an art, and a worthy investment.

On December 5, 2021, Paul claimed to have purchased a box set “one of a kind” of Pokemon cards. This one would have contained cards from the 1st edition of the base game for the crazy sum of 3.5 million dollars.

It wasn’t clear what his plan for the box was at the time, but it quickly took a turn when prominent Pokemon card collectors stunned the YouTuber after gathering evidence that his box might not be authentic. .

Logan Paul officially opened the box to check if it was real and confirmed that it was indeed fake.

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Logan Paul will have relaunched Pokémon cards to the general public.

Logan Paul admits $3.5 million box of Pokemon cards turned out to be fake

On January 13, Logan Paul revealed that he had lost $3,500,000. Indeed, after they opened the box they quickly realized that the cards were fake.

Logan had traveled to Chicago to meet with BBCE, the company that originally authenticated the box as real. In the video, the BBCE employee who authenticated her explains the processes he used for the assessment.

However, when they opened the box of purported Pokémon cards, they immediately noticed that something was wrong with its contents.

After comparing the contents to one of Logan’s legitimate packages, they decided to open one.

When they realized what was included, Logan said: “GI Joe cards? Truly ? Why couldn’t it be something else?”

“I’m a super positive person, and I’ll always be the one looking on the bright side. I try, but it’s hard. It’s bad for the Pokémon community.”

Baseball Card Exchange, the company that authenticated Logan Paul’s case, posted an update regarding the situation on its Instagram account.

It reads: “In March 2021, we were asked to provide our good faith opinion and verify that a number of Pokémon card packs had not been previously opened or tampered with. We evaluated it and, in our opinion, they were in their original condition.

“Last Saturday we opened these packages to verify our opinion and were extremely disappointed to learn that they were not genuine… We are reassessing our approach to sealed packages going forward. We have also decided to discontinue reviewing Pokémon or Yu-Gi-Oh! packages or boxes.

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