Logitech G29 and G920 steering wheels are on sale

The right plan

Automotive simulation is a part of gaming completely different. We put away the keyboard and the mouse or even the joystick which are simply unusable, to equip ourselves with a good force feedback flywheel. The objective of the simulation is to get as close as possible to reality and to seek the real sensations behind a steering wheel.

the Logitech G29 delivers great benefits for car simulation enthusiasts, for a very contained price. This force feedback steering wheel uses two helical motors and a field effect sensor (effect Lobby) in order to offer the pilot a feeling as close as possible to reality. The rotation takes place on 900° (2.5 turns), like a real steering wheel. Beyond performance, this Logitech steering wheel does not skimp on the quality of manufacture and the choice of materials. We thus have the right to a beautiful wheel leather finishGerman premium way as well as a 3-pedal crankset to take advantage of the gas, brake and clutch controls separately. For an even more advanced experience, Logitech offers an optional l6-speed gear lever.

The particularity of this steering wheel Logitech G29 is its compatibility computer and sony. Indeed, the Logitech G29 works with the PS4 but also with the PS5, something to delight fans of Gran Turismo and thrills. At the moment, Amazon offers during its flash salesa nice discount on this steering wheel, taking it from €399.99 to just 236,99€. If you want the optional gear lever, you will have to add a few coins for a total of 275,98€.

Its strengths according to Les Numériques

  • Its convincing three-pedal pedal set, which is its great strength.
  • Powerful force feedback.
  • Extensive and satisfactory compatibility depending on the media
  • Simple and effective fixing system.

Some reservations of the same Numerics

  • The force feedback sometimes remains a little dry.
  • Seams of the leather finish.
  • Movable paddles, no mechanism to make them fixed.
  • Gear lever now optional

What alternative?

If you are more Forza than Gran Turismo, rather Microsoft that sony, Logitech has planned everything and offers the steering wheel Logitech G920. To put it simply, it is a G29 but compatible with Xbox and computer. The steering wheel is therefore identical, with the exception of the buttons and we find everything that characterizes the G29. the leather around the wheel is always in order, the same for the crankset and the engines. In the same way, the gear lever is also available as an option.

If you are Team Xboxthe Logitech G920 will be perfect for you, and it is also on sale, still at Amazon. From €399.99 it goes to €225.99 and €264.98 if you want the shifter at the same time. It’s a little cheaper and it’s Xbox-compatibleso what are we waiting for?

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