Logitech unveils MX Keys Mini Combo and Signature MK650 Combo: the top of the line for the pros

Robin Lamorlette

June 16, 2022 at 1:14 p.m.


Logitech MX Keys Mini_5 test © Matthieu Legouge

© Matthieu Legouge for Clubic

Logitech presents two new combos keyboardmouse for professional use: the MX Keys Mini Combo and the Signature MK650 Combo.

Two new product combos aimed at improving the experience, productivity and security, both in the workplace and in telework.

Logitech’s Business Expands

Do we still need to present the famous MX Keys Mini, which is now combined with a mouse for even more efficiency? This new duo therefore includes Logitech’s famous ultra-compact and versatile keyboard, accompanied by the no less excellent MX Anywhere 3 wireless mouse.

A very attractive marriage, offering a smooth and intelligent typing experience thanks to the tactile keys and the backlighting of the plug and play keyboard, combined with the extreme versatility on all surfaces of the mouse. It is also equipped with a competition wheel.

For those who prefer a keyboard in a more classic format, you will have to turn to the Signature MK650 Combo. It includes a keyboard ensuring great comfort thanks to an integrated wrist rest and ideal typing thanks to Perfect Stroke technology. Quite logically, the wireless mouse in this combo is none other than the Signature M650, which is particularly quiet and has nothing to be ashamed of when faced with the efficiency of the MX Anywhere 3.

More options and business security

Both of these combos come with two proprietary Logitech-branded features, Logi Options+ and Logi Bolt, which aim to further transcend the productivity and security of these two products.

Logi Options+ is a software offering a wide range of customization options such as the programming of actions performed by different buttons or keys on keyboards and mice. It is also possible to start dictation or browsing in the blink of an eye on different devices to which the products are connected to optimize the workflow.

Another advantage of Logi Options+: the possibility of being programmed and deployed on a fleet of keyboard-mouse combos within a company. A company’s IT department can thus centralize and configure these different elements in order to increase productivity.

Logi Bolt is a wireless connectivity protocol based on Bluetooth Low Energy technology. It makes it possible to secure the wireless connection and thus reduce a company’s IT vulnerability, on site or remotely.

These two new keyboard-mouse combos for professionals and businesses will be available in August 2022. Logitech has not yet shared prices.

Source : Logitech

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