Loïc Signor’s editorial: “Sponsorships, Eric Zemmour calls on David Lisnard”

In his editorial this Friday, January 7, Loïc Signor, journalist from CNEWS, discusses the difficulties encountered by Eric Zemmour in bringing together the 500 sponsorships of elected officials required to stand for the presidential election.

Officially it is a snub for Eric Zemmour; unofficially, if David Lisnard, via the AMF, does not want to enter the sponsorship battle, he could do so quietly like many elected LR officials. A leading elected representative, rallied to Valérie Pécresse in favor of the result of the congress, told me yesterday that she was going to use all her weight and all her network so that Zemmour obtained the precious sesame. LR who makes the short scale in Zemmour, “it is good: the masks fall” confided to me an influential minister, former member of LR.

It must be said that there is no need to be a great clerk or a very good mathematician to understand the maneuver: Zemmour is at this stage, the life insurance of Valérie Pécresse. It weakens Le Pen and lowers the entry threshold in the second round. In this three-way battle, Pécresse can take advantage of the cannibalization of extremes to hope to face Emmanuel Macron. But it is also a dangerous game. Pécresse is ahead of Zemmour today by only a few points in the polls. Nothing says that by helping her to compete, the latter does not pass her in the home straight, on her right.

Once again, it is the minister of Emmanuel Macron, defector of the Republicans who describes him in his own way, with a hard tooth against his former political family and his presidential candidate, listen: “Valérie is not a leader. Not even able to hold his group in the National Assembly. She is held! Held by people who do not wish his victory. They just want to take revenge on Macron but they don’t support her. When you want to be head of state, you must first be a head. Pécresse is not Chirac or Sarkozy, with or without Corrèze, with or without Karcher ”.

It is true that the Congress of Republicans, if it allowed frontage unity, does not seem to have settled the line problem. At LR, we remain torn between Eric Zemmour and Emmanuel Macron. Moreover, some members of the Pécresse team do not hesitate to question the latter’s victory “she has made the mark in her region” mocks a tenor of the party.

Our minister, obviously still a little worried by the Pécresse hypothesis, a real obsession with him, predicted a disastrous end for his old friends: “if the Republicans offer sponsorships to Zemmour, he will finish in front of her. They are all in the corridor. : in the end, half will go to his place, the other will join us. “

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