Loire Two schoolchildren admit to having invented an attempted kidnapping

The testimony of these two schoolchildren made the parents of the students of the Sources de Montrond-les-Bains school, but also of the entire town, fear the worst. The comments and the worst rumors have been spreading like wildfire for the past few days.

A man would have offered them sweets…

Two children aged 10 and 11, attending primary school, went to see the school director to tell him of a more than worrying fact: the day before, when they left school, shortly after 4:30 p.m., they were allegedly the victims of an attempted kidnapping as they were walking home. The alleged attacker is said to be a bearded man, wearing sunglasses, in a black-colored traffic-type vehicle with tinted windows, and offered them candy. In a panic, they would have fled.

After prevention in each class, the school officials immediately circulated a note of vigilance in the children’s schoolbags for the attention of the parents and alerted the gendarmerie. On social networks, extrapolated rumors surfaced, to the point of insinuating that children from the town had disappeared, or even worse…

The children recognize their lie

But the police investigation revealed just the opposite. Pointing to obvious contradictions in the children’s testimonies, they heard them again separately this Friday afternoon. Faced with their inconsistencies, the children ended up confessing: it was all a big lie. Why did you invent such nonsense? One did not explain it, when the second invoked a need for attention, understanding that what they had done was stupidity.

A gendarmerie brigade should, however, patrol for some time in front of the school, to reassure everyone, and help to silence the rumours.

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