Loki: a leak reveals the scenario of season 2 months in advance!

While the filming of season 2 of Loki has started, a rumor concerning its scenario has since been circulating on social networks. This confirms that the plot will take place partly in the 70s, and especially what will happen to the confrontation between the god and his new enemy, Kang.

After the daunting cliffhanger at the end of the season, fans are waiting like never before for the next season of Loki. Disney+ wasted no time in announcing the new burst of episodes, the filming of which has already begun. Taking into account the crucial events that unfold during the first season, viewers are on the lookout for any information that might give them a taste of what the series has in store for them next summer.

And that’s good because a rumor just yesterday revealed several important points of the plot of this second season. To fully understand them, it is worth recalling the events that marked the end of the first season. It goes without saying that spoilers await you in the rest of this article. In the sixth episode, therefore, we learn that phase 4 of the MCU stems directly from the conclusion of the series, in particular the films Spider-Mab: No Way Home and Doctor Strange Multiverse of Madness.

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What will happen in season 2 of Loki?

In addition, we meet a new version of Kang, who sits on TVA, positioning himself at the same time as the main antagonist of phase 4 of the MCU. In fact, Kang is now so powerful that rumors predict that Loki will not win his fight against him at the end of season 2. Instead, the god will be transferred to Earth-616 again, for an unknown reason. at present.

Throg will also be there, played by Chris Hemsworth, while Loki will do everything in his power to free him from the evil spell and bring Thor back. On the other hand, and this is a big surprise, the rumor evokes the deletion of a central character in season 1, while some voices already evoke the absence of Sylvie, which remains to be confirmed, however. Anyway, this second is already announced as the last of the series.

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