LoL: 2 Up&Down LFL winners and 1 mystery

Photo: Chloe Ramdani

After the Summer Split, some LFL players were able to go on vacation to rest and recharge. But for others, there were still big deadlines! We think in particular of the 4 teams qualified for the EUM (LDLC OL, BDS Academy, Vitality.Bee and GameWard). But Mirage Elyandra and Team Oplon also had their work cut out for them… Both teams had to save their place in the LFL against two ambitious teams from Div 2: Izi Dream and MCES.

The hierarchy was respected

The promotion tournament was played over 2 weeks and there weren’t really any surprises. The Div 2 representatives failed to win a single match against their LFL counterparts. Mirage Elyandra and Team Oplon saved their place relatively convincingly. We could obviously feel that the players were under pressure and we could see some mistakes from right to left. But the “big ones” had best fundamentals for snowball and get the upper hand on the “little ones”. Izi Dream disappointed a bit. For many, the team had the level to do something and we spent the year congratulating the roster for its ability to teamfight and manage its macrogame well. But in the end, the team did not win a single Bo5 during the tournament…

On the LFL side, we have to recognize that the recruitment of FEBIVEN was effective. If we can deplore the recruitment of a “mercenary” just before the Up&Down, the structure did not break any rules. The winners are always right and the experienced Dutchman has fulfilled his mission. It remains to be seen whether it will be confirmed for next year… But let’s salute the great performances of Memento and Badlulu which were excellent. For Team Oplon, the people’s team, we kept the same 5. It paid off and we felt immense relief from Darlik after the game. This is possibly his last competitive season.

1 last mystery to solve in LFL

With the results of the Up&Down, we should theoretically have had the identity of the 10 teams qualified for the LFL Spring Split 2023. But like Misfits Premier is about to leave, following the resale of the LEC slot from Misfits Gaming to Team Heretics, there is still a place to be filled.

The league clearly explained that it was waiting for applications to select a team (call for projects). The race is open to everyone and as of today, nothing has been decided yet. AEGIS, JobLife Esport, BMS, why not Izi Dream… we’ll have to wait to see more clearly.


neL, the 1PV journalist dropped a bomb in the night… While Ocelote’s evening with the Tate brothers caused a huge drama on the networks, more or less serious consequences for the structure could be foreseen. The sentence has fallen and Carlos can bite his fingers!

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