LoL: 4 times players have been banned “for no reason” by Riot Games

The League of Legends community is known to be quite toxic, which arguably justifies the many waves of bans Riot Games has performed on its MOBA over the years. However, the developer has also outdone itself when it comes to punishing its players, which has resulted in numerous unfair bans.

Today, we look back at some of the company’s most controversial bans in MOBA’s nearly 13-year history.

Banned for wanting to quit a 3 hour match

Here is what happened with this Korean streamer: She ended up with 4 stream snipers: 2 in her team (Nasus and Jhin) and 2 in the enemy team (Evelynn and Senna). This prevented the two teams from going, because the votes obtained are not sufficient to validate this decision (4 players of a team must vote yes). To this must be added the fact that Nasus and Jhin had decided to come and kill all possible minions first to hinder his farm, then to prevent the minions from destroying their base, while Senna and Evelynn prevented any means of backdooring (Nasus and Jhin would tell them where the opponents and especially the streamer were at all times).

What was the consequence of this sniping? Well, a game that lasted over 3 hours, something unimaginable in any normal League of Legends game. Streamer’s death toll topped 120 before she finally broke down and decided to quit the game once and for all. The result? A 14-day ban due to snipers reporting the content creator for negative attitude and intentional feed.

The case went viral in the community and players were shocked by the lack of involvement from the Riot Support team, which did not analyze the background of the case.

Ban on… playing?

League of Legends

In 2016, the LoL community that frequents the Reddit forum was in disbelief at the case of a player being banned for, surprisingly, gambling. Riot Games champions the idea that players should be encouraged to find new ways to play LoL, using champions and comps outside of the meta, but that’s not always true.

The player in question did not receive a permanent suspension, but was threatened by an employee of Riot’s support team. He used to play games with Singed in supportstill posting in the pre-match chat his rationale behind his pick, asking his teammates to trust his abilities and play as usual.

The case went viral on Reddit and Riot then made an official statementstating that playing Singed Support was not grounds for a ban, but that the player should be aware of the potential negative impact of their strategies on their teammates.

The coronavirus almost caused a ban

League of Legends

In 2020, a player named Joao Corona was nearly banned from the game for some pretty absurd reason. In July 2019, he changed his former handle “Squid Corona” to “Corona”, his surname. So far, everything seems normal, but when the Covid-19 pandemic, caused by the coronavirus, started, Riot Games decided that it needed to change its nickname.

Joao told BuzzFeed that one evening he logged into LoL to play with his friends, which he used to do, when he received an official message from the developer. He was asked to change his nickname due to the pandemic that was affecting the whole world.

The case also went viral, and when a post about it reached 19,000 upvotes on Reddit, Riot replied to Joao: “We don’t believe forcing a name change in this situation is in line with our policies, so we will investigate the situation.”

This player was also banned for playing

League of Legends

At the start of Season 12, the technique of using the Smite spell in the top lane with champions other than those expected in this lane caused a lot of ink to flow. Once again, Riot has been criticized for claiming to encourage its players to play in different ways, but that’s not really the case.

The player “Yuumi Top OhTeeP”who at the time had an account with a 56% win rate in Diamond 1, played with this enchanter/smite strategy a lot with champions such as Janna, Zilean, Karma and even Yuumi/

Until the day he was suspended for 14 days for using this strategy, being accused of deliberately “trolling” a match. According to the head of Riot, “it was obvious” that the player was helping the enemy team. “You started from the top lane and stayed around Dragon just to avoid gaining XP and gold for the rest of the game”said the support.

However, this was precisely the objective of the strategy. For this to work, it was necessary to use champions that can perform well on low resources to guarantee early game meta advantages. What’s more, this strategy was nerfed quickly by Riot Games, but our player’s misadventure happened before patch 12.4, before the nerf was deployed on live servers.

The Internet is full of tutorial videos explaining how to win games in League of Legends, but this is not the point that interests us today. There are games where every player, even the best, find themselves in difficult situations, and we will see how not to lose them.

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