LoL: A future champion leaked in Jhin’s teaser on Legends of Runeterra?

While Bel’Veth, the 160th champion to join League of Legends, should be made official by Riot Games very soon, the community is already looking for clues for the next one. The studio has already provided some hints as to the next characters that will be joining Summoner’s Rift. After the Void jungler will come an ADC and then a Tank straight from Shurima destined for the Top Lane.

We already have a few other hints about the first one, and some community members think it was even teased in Jhin’s trailer for Legends of Runeterra.

What we know

The very first clue to this famous ADC dates back to the beginning of the year. In the champions roadmap, the famous Rioteur Reav3 teased the champions to come. It is in this video that we can also see it possessed by Bel’Veth who – even if it has not yet been confirmed by Riot Games – should be the jungler of the Nether awaited by all. At the very end, the developer gave us an image (which you can see below) as well as a short text: “Here’s a little teaser for a new, mysterious non-traditional bot lane champion coming out later this year.”

Last April, the studio continued its teaser, this time delivering a short story about the famous shooter who would have single-handedly dismantled 10 Noxians before disappearing in the mist. All these clues are official, but many rumors around the champion have been circulating for some time: the most likely being thatit would be a short range ADC, a kind of water Yasuo designed for the bot laneone of whose abilities will be similar to Yasuo’s Q, in that he will have 3 different activations, and each activation will change his hitbox slightly.

The whip, present in the lore, absent in the MOBA - League of Legends
The whip, present in the lore, absent in the MOBA

Another clue concerning the champion’s weapon, it would be a whip who—though very common in League of Legends lore—never equipped any of the MOBA characters. This guess comes from the English version of the text spoken by Reav in the video. If we stop at the literal words in the language of Shakespeare — who will whip out this year – we can assume that this is an index. Riot Games likes to leave these kinds of little hints when teasing champions. For Vex, the studio had made a pun with the word “vexing” (vexing in English). By using the word Whip (whip in French) to speak of the exit of the champion, one can imagine that the rioteur refers to the weapon of the champion, which could therefore be a whip or something in this taste there.

Now let’s come to Jhin and his teaser in Legends of Runeterra…

A new LoR character transposed into LoL?

The virtuoso arrives in Legends of Runeterra via a new extension: De par Runeterra. For the occasion, Riot Games introduced the champion through a cutscene (which you can see at the top of the article). In the video, Jhin can be seen greeting a mysterious woman. It is actually the Creator who forged the shooter’s weapon.

Although it has already been mentioned in the biography of the champion, we did not know before if it was a man or a woman and we did not know its appearance: “The rifle he held in his hand was a mere tool, but its design was of unparalleled finesse. The gold letters carved into the dark green metal spelled out the blacksmith’s name, reflecting his pride of creator and his confidence. It had nothing to do with what was found in Piltover. Their noisy weapons tried to work with the tiny amounts of magic that were found in these lands. This one, on the other hand, had was created by a master blacksmith. Her heart of bronze, wonder of Ionia, was full of magic.”

League of Legends

The first reason why one would think that this famous designer is the future melee ADC is the resemblance between the first teased image : a whirlpool — which could therefore refer to water — whirlwind intertwining what appear to be hands. As can be seen if the image of the designer, she has up to 8 arms, which she probably uses to do her works. The comparison is easy.

Moreover, Riot Games wants to transpose characters already present in the lore of its MOBAthis was particularly the case for Viego, but also characters present in Legends of Runeterra, as for Yone. The designer would therefore meet these two criteria. We can also think that the studio has an idea in mind by deciding to develop a card, and therefore a visual, for a character who until now had no name in Jhin’s story.

We can be sure of nothing, since, for example, it is difficult to draw a parallel with water (since it seems to be a characteristic of the next champion) and the creator who, moreover, comes from Ionia (or not who knows).

League of Legends

What is certain is that the creator’s reveal has the community very excited and some would love to play it in Summoner’s Rift. Its particular design would slightly change the standards established by Riot Games in terms of designing champions (with the exception of Bel’Veth, which will be a 100% creature type). If we already have a character with multiple “legs” (yes Urgot), we don’t yet have a humanoid champion with multiple arms.

So future champion of League of Legends or not, only the future will tell us. But around here, we really like its appearance.

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