LoL: A Major Fantastic Content Update For Season 12

Some love it, others don’t care, the fantastic content has been around for a few years on League of Legends. While the system has seen additions and some adjustments over time, it has never been fundamentally changed. Well that will all change with season 12.

A single currency

No more gems and prestige points, make way for fantastic Essences. The two old currencies combine into one that never expires.

When the update occurs, your remaining gems will automatically be converted into Fantastic Essences at a ratio of 1 to 10, but your Prestige Points will disappear. Consider spending them in the latest prestigious boutique, which is already open! After this conversion, Fantastic Essences will replace Gems and Prestige Points wherever these two currencies appeared as loot or reward. The drop rate for Fantastic Essences in Ceremonial Chests will increase temporarily, to balance the loss of Prestige Points in Packs.

Fantastic store, prestige skin returns and fantastic themes

The gem store disappears and is replaced by a fantastic store, the content of which will change regularly. The proposed content will include:

Prestige returning skins : Prestige skins released at least 1 year ago may be available again in the Fantastic Store. Two prestige skins will return each month. Here is how we will determine the prices for the fantastic species:

  • First return: 125 EF
  • Second return: 150 EF (Prestige 2019 skins start here)
  • Third return and +: 200 EF (prestige 2018 skins start here)

The 2018 and 2019 Prestige skins start at higher levels to respect their high exclusivity and the difficulty of obtaining them compared to newer Prestige skins. In addition, when these Prestige skins return, their original owners will receive exclusive modified versions of these skins as a thank you for their investment.

To inaugurate this launch, the first three skin returns will be available at the same time (i.e. 6 skins available for 3 months):

  • K / DA Kai’Sa Prestige Edition (200 EF, original owners receive special edition)
  • PROJECT: Irelia prestige edition (150 EF, original owners receive special edition)
  • Thresh Pulsefire Prestige Edition (150 EF, original owners receive special edition)
  • Zoe arcanist prestige edition (125 EF)
  • Teemo spiritual flower prestige edition (125 EF)
  • Diana, queen of the fight, prestige edition (125 EF)

Fantastic themed skins

Like the old Prestige skins, the old Gem Skins will also be making their return two at a time to the Fantastic Store., but will change every three months, not every month. They will cost EF 100 for their first return, and EF 125 for subsequent ones. The first returns will be Annie Hextech and Amumu Hextech.

But that’s not all, the Hextech theme will no longer be exploited and gives way to a new one: the Ash Knights. A new fantasy themed skin will appear at the start of each three-month rotation, only to disappear at the end of that period. These skins will cost EF 100 when they spawn, then EF 125 when reintroduced later.

League of Legends

You can also spend your EF on Season Beacons and Emotes (50 EF and 25 EF respectively), and as before for a Hextech Chest (5 EF), Hextech Key (5 EF), 50 Orange Essences (1 EF) or 150 blue essences (1 EF).

Relaunch and exclusivity of loot

Fantastic skins, including Prestige skins, will no longer be obtainable, including in reminders. Orbs and capsules from old events in your inventory that had a chance to drop Prestige or Fantasy skins will still be able to.

Hextech and Ceremonial Chests will stop granting these skins as soon as the transition to Fantastic Essences occurs.

More sophisticated prestige skins

Prestige skins will have a new thematic layer to distinguish them and bring them closer to the gold chromas. They will be haute-couture reinterpretations of the basic theme, as if it were the theme thought for a red carpet or a fashion show.

Exhibition levels

Loot Show events, like PROJECT or Combat Academy in 2021, drop from Prestige Point Packs to a Reward Track that progresses as you open Event Pods.

League of Legends

An exhibition tier track is meant to match the amount of loot you would have had to purchase to earn 100 Prestige Points in Capsule Packs in 2021, but with additional loot rewards. These reward tracks will look roughly like:

  • 1 capsule: event icon
  • 3 capsules: exclusive emote
  • 5 capsules: Skin fragment worth 975 RP or more
  • 10 Capsules: Skin Fragment worth 1,350 RP or more
  • 15 Capsules: Skin Fragment worth 1,820 RP or more and 10 Fantastic Essences
  • 20 Capsules: Event Loot Bag and 10 Fantastic Essences
  • 25 capsules: exclusive prestige skin, icon and border

Ceremonial stages

League of Legends

Ceremonial Tiers are an endlessly repeatable reward track that you will progress by opening ceremonial chests. Here is what we are planning at the moment.

  • 5 chests: 5 Fantastic Essences and Skin Shard of any tier
  • 10 chests: 5 fantastic essences
  • 15 chests: 5 Fantastic Essences and Skin Shard worth 975 RP or more
  • 20 chests: 5 fantastic essences
  • 25 chests: 5 Fantastic Essences and Skin Shard worth 1,350 RP or more

Improved event pass

Event passes will be updated. It will be a hybrid version of the existing token store system and traditional battle passes. Earn XP by playing games and completing missions, and unlock tokens and other rewards as you progress through the pass. All the rewards currently spread across different types of event missions are brought together in a linear progression of 50 levels, with a free track and a paid one.

League of Legends

  • Free event missions : Converted to Free Pass Track rewards. Still includes a total of 300 tokens and an Event Orb, among other content. You will earn all free rewards before level 30.
  • Pass Token Missions : converted into rewards of the paid track at each level. After every 50 Event Pass levels, there is an endlessly repeatable “51” level for pass holders, which earns tokens.
  • Token Tier Missions : converted into rewards of the paid track of the pass.
  • Weekly victory missions : Now earn XP, not tokens. Stacks with the missions of First victory of the day.
  • (NEW) Free First Victory of the Day Missions : Earn Pass XP for your first victory (or for 3 games played) each day. Like the First Victory of the Day mission, it is a validated-or-lost model; you cannot stack First Victory missions.

The tokens earned will be spent in a token store, and once the new event pass is opened, the amounts will be adjusted as needed, so that it does not take more time than today to get your 2 000 tokens. The new store has some useful improvements, like category keywords (the icons to the left of the image above!)

When the League Event Pass evolves, the prices will not be increased. Event Passes will still cost 1,650 RP and include 4 Event Orbs and 200 Event Tokens. The 2,650 RP pack which includes the base event prestige skin, border and icon will be kept.

2022 will not be stingy with skins and themes on League of Legends. Return of the Star Guardians, revamping old skins and more, check out all of Riot Games’ announcements on the subject for the coming year.

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