LoL: A Nautilus anchor straight from the abyss!

Some of the strongest spells in League of Legends move a character. It can be the champion himself, to have more mobility and consider a Savon de Marseille cosplay, or on the opposing champions to send them into your teammates, or send them back to the opposing team if they are too aggressive. This is one of the reasons why Lee Sin remains so strong after so many years without significant changes to his spell kit, because his Dragon’s Rage is not only one of the most powerful spells in the game, it’s not only in terms of usefulness, but also versatility. But enough about the Blind Monk, because the action highlighted takes place between two colossi of Summoner’s Rift.

It’s a minotaur and a titan of the abyss who walk into a bar…

The Boarding (A) of Nautilus is a rather special grab. Like Thresh’s Capital Punishment (A), with this spell, it’s Nautilus who moves more than his opponent, unlike Blitzkrank’s Rocket Hook (A) which brings the opponent back to the golem. However here Nautilus does not interact with Piltover’s machine, but with Alistar’s Headbutt (Z), a skill allowing to push back the opponent. On the action, the Nautilus shifts to the midlane in the hope of punishing the opposing Jarvan, who is trying to take the T1 mid. As the Abyss Titan uses his Q, the minotaur played by the enemy team’s support counters his action by pushing him back with his Headbutt.

The action goes like this. Nautilus sends his Boarding but before it hits, Alistar has already used his W. Nautilus is pushed back but his spell continues on its way. You should know that in League of Legends if you have cast a skill and you are moved by an opponent, your spell continues to consider you as being at your starting point. That’s why here the Boarding hits the Jarvan, when technically when it hits, Nautilus is supposed to be out of range. Afterwards in League of Legends, it is the spell that is always right, more than the position of the champion. Everyone has seen videos with a Lee Sin blasting through the entire map with his Resonant Blow (A), as the champion hit is returned to base.

Other such interactions in the game

This interaction is not the only one to create unexpected movements. Many ADC players are able to counter a Blitzcrank grappling hook using Ezreal’s Arcane Shift (E) or Tristana’s Rocket Jump (W). Used at the right time, these two spells can allow the shooter to move after being grabbed by the Steam Golem, but before being brought back into melee. The timing is still quite tight, in addition to excellent reactivity (and/or anticipation), a good ping is necessary to succeed in this action.

She’s been wanted for far too long, Empress of the Void. The 160th League of Legends champion is expected to arrive in the Rift soon. In any case, this is indicated by two mysterious teasers hidden in Kai’Sa’s biography.

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