LoL: accused of racism, Nazism and misappropriation of minors, EXCEL suspends its CM

In a Twitlonger published on August 3, TOR user Yuri (@kamenyurisen) accuses Aleksić “Fosty” Aleksamember of EXCEL Esports, a structure currently participating in the League of Legends European Championship (LEC).

In her Twitlonger, the young woman accuses, supporting evidencethe Social Media Manager of racism, anti-Semitism and embezzlement of minors. Serious accusations that made a lot of Internet users react.

We are talking in particular about inappropriate remarks towards people from minoritiesof defenses, of certain acts committed by Adolf Hitler and discussions with minors in which he flirted with them without restraint.

EXCEL Esports Reportedly First Defended Fosty Against Accusations of Yuri that she had first kept for herself. However, by posting the file on social networksthe structure was obliged to react and published a press release in which it announced having suspended Fosty as well as having opened an internal and external investigation.

On the side of the accused, he announced want to clear his name and cooperate with EXCEL Esports. He wants to tell his version and asks people to don’t believe everything they read.

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