LoL: Bel’Veth, Empress of Nothingness, finally made official!

It is therefore tonight that Riot Games has decided to formalize its 160th League of Legends champion. Very soon, therefore, we will welcome the terrifying Void Empress to the rift of the summoner Bel’Veth – who will occupy the position of jungler. And one thing is certain, his intentions are not the most peaceful…

Finally a creature

Yes, a 100% creature. Although Bel’Veth has a human face, it is not her true form and does not represent her. Bel’Veth is “something else”

“Very soon, the Void understood that it needed a leader. Someone or something capable of writing the new terrifying chapter of the worlds above and below. A leader capable of communicating with these “humans”, from their to herald the dawn of a new era and to harvest their emotions and memories as they wage a futile war to save their civilization. Bel’Veth is that leader. This nightmarish Empress was born from the memories, experiences and emotions of “a port city and adjoining ocean devoured by the Void. The spirit of Bel’Veth contains millions of years of perfectly preserved knowledge. Nearly omniscient, she plans the destruction of Runeterra and the domain of her ancestors, the Watchers.”

She embodies the Void and continually learns by assimilating everything in her path. Humans, animals, vegetation and even buildings, nothing can resist it. Ble’Veth’s goal is to destroy the Watchers, those who were here before the Void, those who threaten its very existence.

In particular, she explains to Kai’Sa that the Void has existed for millennia., that it was a perfect place before the sound came. Silence has fallen and the Void has been twisted.

“Reality sprang from those whispers and it consumed us. We were perverted by his influence. Broken. Transformed. Despite all our efforts, we could not become again what we were before. My ancestors, the Watchers, tried to invade and destroy existence, but existence corrupted them. They then desired to be venerated, they thirsted for knowledge… And they were betrayed in an instant. They had changed so profoundly… All of this to end up being rejected. It fills them with indescribable hatred. They then decided that they would do anything to annihilate the whole reality. »

League of Legends

League of Legends

Bel’Veth is an abomination in the eyes of the Watchers, so she wants to annihilate them. More precisely, she wants to destroy everything, Runeterra, the Watchers, to regain her former existence. As a reminder, Watchers are fearsome creatures with almost unlimited power. In the stories of the Freljord they are very often mentioned

“Here is what I propose to you, Daughter of the Void. Your world must perish so that mine can live. But to those who came before us, the Watchers, I am an affront. Creation consumes them and they will destroy you, me and everything else to end their suffering. If they were to succeed in escaping from their prison, nothing and no one could stop them. That would be the end of everything then. »

League of Legends

League of Legends

She even offers Kai’Sa to participate in her fight. In return, it offers some respite to the people of Runeterra: “Help me destroy the Watchers and I’ll spare yours…for a while.” A month. A year. Or even more. Who knows, maybe you’ll discover a weapon or a hero capable of slaying me during this interval. You won’t find anything, of course… but you can always try. I’m giving you a chance. It’s always more than what the Watchers will give you. »

Now that we know more about Bel’Veth, we might as well say that she looks extremely powerful, at least in the lore. Its spells have not yet been revealed and could still have many surprises in store for us.. In the meantime, here, we are more than convinced of its design which radically changes from the last champions released.

And you what do you think ? Do you like the look but also the story of the Void Empress?

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