LoL: Chap’s feat, mount Master with a random champion

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Chap is a very good League of Legends player and he has nothing left to prove, his career speaks for him. Obviously, he never played in the LEC and neither did he play in the first division of the LFL. But he still won many LANs during his playing career. Today, having become a streamer, he continues to participate for fun in competitions from time to time. This year, we find him with the Pique Sel team at the stages of the Mastercard Nexus Tour (MNT), a sort of third French division.

But the competition is overall behind Chap. He spends most of his time creating content for Twitch or YouTube. He likes to challenge himself and he succeeded in one that deserves our applause: he went fromUnranked to Master by playing a champion in each game”random“. The performance is remarkable given that today the vast majority of players are specialized in a particular role and that in this role, knowing how to play a handful of champions can be enough.

The method: random champions but a logical process

There is a function “random” to select a champion completely at random during the draft phase and a streamer like Jiraiya had sanded the concept well in his time. However, going up in Ranked with this function would have been a little too complicated, especially when the elo rises. To give a few examples, many champions are unplayable in the jungle, too scared of clear and sustain, so Chap used a slightly different method to keep things challenging and looking good, without totally ruining his life.

When launching a Ranked, it put a role random. Depending on the role obtained, he had to select the champion played by his previous opponent in this position. For those who don’t follow: if Chap had tag in midlane, he had to play the same champion as the opposing midlaner of the previous game. According to the parties, he could therefore have been lucky in obtaining the role of jungler or ADC, two roles that he played in competition. But when fate was unfavorable to him, he could find himself in a less comfortable zone… But Chap has become over time a real human encyclopedia and despite these particular conditions, he managed to quickly climb the ladder to pass fromUnranked to Master.

The numbers of the rush: Chap a bien grind

Chap managed to get a Master’s degree in 16 days… The mark is quite impressive considering that the majority of us will never manage to climb to this elo, even under normal conditions. As a reminder, there are many divisions, with 4 leagues each time: Iron, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond. But Chap has surely skipped a lot of leagues, thanks to his statistics and his very good winrate. In 16 days, he had time to do 164 parts (i.e. more than 10 games per day). He won 98 and he lost 66 (60% victory). In terms of the distribution of roles, the streamer played:

  • 43 times top (45.54% win)
  • 43 times jungle (70.45% win)
  • 24 times mid (41.67% win)
  • 34 times ADC (70.59% win)
  • 20 times Sup (55% win)

At the champion level, he signed a nice 6-0 with Twitch, a particularly strong champion in soloQ and which offers devastating synergies (Renata, Lulu). On the other hand, it was more complicated with Kayle (0-3), a champion who needs time to scale and who is very weak at the start of the game.


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