LoL game news: a champion banned almost 100% of the time, he is very feared in the best league in the world

Game news LoL: a champion banned almost 100% of the time, he is very feared in the best league in the world

Who says new year and new competitive season on League of Legends: the major leagues have resumed, and each has its own news item: today is the week that has just passed during the LCK (Korean League of LoL) which interests us.


  • A champion who scares, even among the strongest
  • Twisted Fate and Caitlyn also on top

A champion who scares, even among the strongest

Unanimously, South Korea is considered the strongest nation in League of Legends (and especially many other games, but that’s not the point). Witness his six world championship titles and more recently DWG Kia’s (almost successful!) attempt to score a double: an attempt aborted in the final with their defeat against EDWard Gaming. Therefore, the whole world is watching the LCKs: it is the South Korean league of League of Legends, one of the three major leagues (along with the European league LEC and the North American league LCS). The spring split started two weeks ago and since its debut, there is an interesting fact: Renekton, a crocodile champion who is played on the top line, has 100% presence in LCK matches… for 95.7% bans. Of the 47 games played since January 12, Renekton has been banned 45 times and played two games… which he lost.

Introduced in LoL in 2011, Renekton has always been considered a good hero. The champion has an excellent beginner’s kit: good survivability, he can stun people and remains very mobile. And if his last adjustments date from September 2021, it is the items he equips that make him very strong today. To the point of terrorizing the LCK.

Twisted Fate and Caitlyn also on top

But the Butcher of the Sands is not the only feared character. Looking more closely at the statistics, Twisted Fate hurts just as much. Present in 46 matches of the 47 played so far, Twisted Fate has been banned 42 times. Of the four matches where the hero was selected, we note 100% of victories. A presence rate that we also note in the LEC and the LCS, the two other major leagues, with respectively 100% (for 2 games won out of 3) and 96.7% (for 4 games won out of 5). And it’s Cailtlyn, Sheriff of Piltover and protagonist of the Arcane series, who completes the podium : she was banned 34 times out of 43 games (out of 47 played in all, let’s remember). In terms of win rate, it’s identical to Twisted Fate since she won 6 games out of the 9 she played.

Still, as this third week of competition approaches, the trend for Renekton, TF and Caitlyn is likely to be confirmed: 12.2, the latest League of Legends update, has just been released. We will therefore have to wait a few more days to hope to see an adjustment of these heroes often considered too strong.

Source : Gold, OraclesElixir and Reddit

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