LoL: Hylissang leaves Fnatic to go to a rival team!

Hylissang traveled a amazing path since his debut on the professional scene with UoL. Despite a relatively long career (8 years), the Bulgarian support has only known two teams : Unicorns of Love and Fnatic. His style of play has been both criticized and acclaimed, but the facts are there: he is one of the most consistent players to have never exercised in Europe.

A career always at the top

Although he started his career directly at UoL, his competitive debut did not come in the LEC. At the time the UoL played in the Championship Series (the former European league 2), and it will take him a year to rise to the elite, leaving the Millenium team of the EU LCS. UoLs are made very quickly respect within the championshipbecause even if the team does not always impress in the regular season, it is able to surpass in the playoffs. Despite everything, she remains very regular, obtaining a ticket for the playoffs from 2015 to 2017, with in particular two second places in the final standings in the 2015 and 2017 Spring Splits.

Hylissang joins Fnatic in 2018, and it all started auspiciously, with the team dominating both the regular season and the playoffs that year. Since playing in the LEC, Hylissang has never missed the playoffsand during these 4 years at Fnaticthey are still qualified for the Worlds, even when the structure seemed to be losing momentum in the face of the rise of G2 Esports. If Hylissang is known for sometimes completely missing out on certain matches, his consistency commands respect.

The new destination

It only took a few hours for it to be announced at MAD Lions, a team that has gradually established itself as one of the big names on the European scene. For the moment the team seems complete for 2023and would therefore consist of: Chasy (top), Elyoya (jungle), Nisqy (mid), Carzzy (ADC) and Hylissang (Support). While not necessarily the team that looks the strongest in the LEC heading into 2023, all players have proven they can compete with the best players of the Old Continent. MAD Lions should once again be a team to watch in 2023, and it’s not unrealistic to imagine them fight for the podium or better.


When you think of the best League of Legends teams in South Korea, the names that come up the most are T1, Gen.G, DAMWON, KT and even DRX. But HLE seems to have decided to find a place at the top in 2023, and is giving itself the means to get there.

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